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Industry Council

People & Technology

The Industry Council People & Technology of the Rudolf Diesel Board of Trustees provides impetus for successfully overcoming the challenges that arise in the interaction between people and technology in the digital transformation in the dimensions of technology, leadership, business and people. A particular focus here is on the effects and possibilities of artificial intelligence.


Once a quarter, the Industry Council for People & Technology invites you to the Remote Impulse - the CTO Talk.

In this virtual Teamscast, current and, above all, relevant topics are discussed with a guest from the CTO community.


To accompany the CTO Forums, the Industry Council for People & Technology organizes and moderates the CTO Mindshops.

Based on the CTO community, we develop and discuss approaches and approaches in the mindshops to make the people & technology team in the company successful.


As part of the CTO Forums, the Industry Council for People & Technology presents the results of the impulses, mindshops and other work and makes them available as a white paper.


The Industry Council for People & Technology maintains communication via the LinkedIn platform and the extended community there, inviting discussion and the expansion of Newetzerk.

Formats such as the CTO Talk and relevant white papers are subsequently placed and published here.

Forward together

Technological change is progressing at an unprecedented speed - what used to take 10 years is now happening in just a few months.
We understand the challenges that digitalization brings with it - but also the opportunities that arise from it.

Only those who think people and technology together will remain successful.

Andre Kiehne

Founder & CEO


Johannes Oberhofer

Co Founder & Managing Partner