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The future

The Future Industry Council stands for contextualizing future perspectives and making them discussable for the CTO Forum. In this way, the Future Council contributes to the reliability of arguments and forecasts. The cornerstones of sustainability, transformation and innovation for future viability form the focal points of the Future Industry Council's work.


Through integrative thinking, ethical and economic aspects can be brought together symbiotically. To achieve this, sustainable growth, in the sense of economic, ecological and social, must move to the center of companies' business activities.

The design of comprehensive, sustainable business models allows the implementation of revenue models that were inconceivable under previous framework conditions.

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An innovation describes a (contradictory) solution that results in sustainable added value for all stakeholders through the intelligent use of new degrees of freedom.

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Customer expectations are changing in ever shorter cycles. This results in changes in several dimensions of the business model at the same time. Sales channels, products, networks and competencies are constantly renewing themselves with ever more intensive interactions.

Companies must meet these challenges with proactive transformation.

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The Industrial Council of the Future provides current publications on the main areas of work for you to download.

The focus is on transformation, sustainability and innovation, as well as current issues.

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Forward together

The representative of the Future Industry Council will be happy to assist you:

Prof. Dr. Gunther Herr
+49 171 81 50 790

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Prof. Dr. Gunther Herr

Prof. Dr. Gunther Herr is a graduate of Coburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Huddersfield, England. He completed his doctorate as a member of the innovation management team at BMW before becoming a partner of the WOIS Institute Coburg in 2000. It is the core competence of the WOIS Institute to work with experts to identify their most potential barriers to development and to develop and implement new perspectives for solving these barriers using strategic orientation tools. Gunther Herr is responsible for the "Strategic Innovation" specialization of the Executive
MBA's at Steinbeis University Berlin. He also lectures at the University of Prague and Coburg University of Applied Sciences.
He is deputy chairman of the advisory board of the Kronach Innovation Center and deputy spokesman of the technical-scientific advisory board of the
Diesel Medal Board of Trustees. He is the author and co-author of numerous publications. He is the editor of the book "Die Unlogik der Innovation".

Arthur Gergert

Arthur Gergert studied mechanical engineering with a focus on innovative product development and future design at Coburg University of Applied Sciences and business management at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. As a partner of the WOIS Institute, he has been advising companies on the development and implementation of innovation strategies and their realization in the form of business model innovations, product and service innovations since 2010.

André Nijmeh

André Nijmeh studied mechanical engineering with a focus on innovative product development at Coburg University of Applied Sciences and completed his MBA at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. Since 2009, he has been a partner at the WOIS Institute for Innovation Research and Corporate Development, advising corporations and SMEs on the development and implementation of innovation strategies. As co-creator, he contributed to the development of a roadmap for the regional network initiative "Innovation Center Kronach". He is also co-author of the book "Die Unlogik der Innovation" and publishes blogger insights on the mindset and methodology for creating disruptive innovation.